Trusting or Tripping?

10475013-sad-womanThis is a good question to ask yourself. Am I trusting in God, or am I tripping?  Everyday we wake up and the enemy is ready to attack us. We face all types or tests and trials, and sometimes we just get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Life throws us all types of challenges, but the thing is- how are we reacting to the challenges? Are we getting all bent out of shape, worrying about how we gone do this or how we gone do that? OR are we keeping our peace and Trusting God knowing that he is going to work everything out.

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.”

I think that quote is so befitting to what I’m trying to relay to you guys. Are we going to choose to Trust in God and know that he is going to make a way out of no way, Are we going to Trust in God and know that he is going to provide for you when you don’t have any money left. Are we going to Trust in God when a family member dies and we feel like the world is over, Are we going to Trust in God when we loose our job and only have a few bucks in the bank, Are we going to Trust in God when God says to WAIT on him but everything in your mind is saying MOVE AHEAD of God. The choice is yours. God gives us absolute FREE WILL to make our OWN decisions. Sometimes we don’t want to be patient and wait on the Lord, and obviously doing that shows that we don’t TRUST in his timing so we move ahead of him and end up getting into something that God never intended for us to get into.

It is vital that we TRUST in the Lord. When I think of the word Trust, I think of being able to count on someone, being able to know that they have my back. Trusting someone means to feel safe with someone, feeling of comfort knowing that the person will not hurt me, not let me down. Sometimes we put more TRUST in humans than we do the Man who gave us LIFE. Now does that make any sense? We will put Trust in total strangers, and folk that we have no idea about- than to put Trust in Someone who Loves us and never leaves nor forsakes us. God knows us, he knows how many hairs are on our heads, he knows what we like, don’t like, but we still find it so hard to Trust in someone who knows the beginning and the end of our lives. God has the BEST plan for us. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it. So why Trip, and get ahead of God and end up worse off than you already are just because you couldn’t wait and Trust in him?- Sit down and Wait for the Lord.

I find myself all the time trying to getting ahead of God due to lack of patience. But in the past I have found out getting ahead of God will only set me back and keep me from his BEST! So i’m learning to wait patiently on him. What’s the rush? You will not miss anything that God has for you, Because he even says “What’s for you NO MAN can take away! What’s for you will be YOURS! NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE IT!” But you must wait for HIM to give it to you and not TAKE it. I’ve found myself taking some things that God never wanted me to take. Or indulging in somethings that I should have never indulged in. But God is so GOOD that he will wait for you and ALWAYS come meet you where you are, and simply ask “Are you ready for me to handle this thing, because you can not handle this in your own strength?” Lord Thank you for always showing up! There has been times where I have cried out to God and just said “I SURRENDER GOD…I GIVE MY WORRIES AND CONCERNS TO YOU..I’M DONE TRYING TO FIX AND HANDLE THIS SITUATION ON MY OWN!” And sure enough that enables God to SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT on our behalf.  Recently the Lord has been showing me that I’m going to need patience in this world. Ain’t nothing worth having going to come in a few seconds with out some time. I’m so proud of the growth that I have had recently with having patience on my job, and with dealing with people everyday in the world, relationships with people God sends my way, and with my family. Everyday we should tell God that we want to Trust him, and that we want to wait on him and have patience. Ask God to help you. He will!


As soon as we get out the driver’s seat, and Let the Lord take the wheel, thats when we will be alright. I’m tired of trying to drive this big ol 18-Wheeler Tractor Trailer that I have no experience in driving, so yes Lord…take the wheel! Let me get in the passenger side, or matter of fact, let me get in the backseat so you can watch me from the mirror and make sure I don’t move! I trust you! God knows where he’s going– His plan is way better than ours! Let him blow your mind with just simply giving all your worries and cares to him! That’s why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit down for to be our Helper! We have help, we don’t have to do this on our own!

Awww man i’m so glad I got to write today, I’ve been so busy with working, helping out the teens and trying to get ready for school! I love you guys.. you guys are awesome and God is getting ready to really show up and show out in your lives! You just gotta stop Trippin’ and start Trusting!

Let’s Pray,

Lord Jesus, Thank you for Speaking directly to me, I know I need to stop tripping and start trusting in you. You have NEVER failed me before, I pray that you will give me strength to hold on to your promises, I pray for PATIENCE, so that I can wait on you to show up in my life, I pray that you will give me more of your spirit so that it can direct my path and comfort me and counsel me in time of distress. Lord I thank you for always meeting me where I am, and taking me by my hand. Lord forgive for me ever doubting you and getting ahead of you. I want to thank you in advance for the blessings and rewards for obeying you and trusting you. Lord I love you and I thank you for just being you. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Be the light loves,



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