We are Undefeated

We are children of the most high God. We will always be undefeated! But we must know that.

So everyday we are tested. If it isn’t right when you wake up with your thoughts, or throughout the day on the job when folk get on your nerves or whatever the case may be, we get tested. The good thing though is that we are in total CONTROL. Satan comes along and makes you think that HE is in control, he is only in control if you let him.

For me, I literally have to wake up and spend time with God because the enemy attacks me in the morning, right before I start my day– he wants to get in my thoughts and fill my mind with lies and all types of imbecile ideas that will set the tone for my day. So I put a stop to that ASAP. I’ve found that spending time with God in prayer, reading the bible as soon as you get up, listening to a sermon online [I love Charles Stanely] – all these things help. We can’t be too busy for God because you will end up finding yourself in a situation during the day all messed up and wandering why your feeling off and can’t quite get it together. You didn’t have your cup of Jesus this morning, instead you had a cup of grits and hit the road.

We gotta start making God a priority and not just an option. We sure do make him a priority when we need something. Coming to him non stop asking him for more money, better job, fix this Lord, fix that Lord. And its like dangggggg you only call on him when you need something. God wants to spend quality time with you. He loves you, He longs to hear from you – He wants to spend some JUST BECAUSE time with you. Not only when you want something, or need him to do something for you.

Back to the In control topic– Satan has already been defeated. But he still comes to his us wanting us to think that he is in control of our lives and we can’t defeat him. But honey the DEVIL IS A LIIIIIAAARR because He will not control my thoughts , he will not control my actions, I have the spirit of God that rose Jesus from the dead living on the inside of me and so do you!

Jesus sent down the Holy spirit as a GIFT and a Helper to us. When we are FILLED with the Holy spirit, it will give us direction, it will give us strength and when we are attacked, the Holy Spirit will remind us of scripture that will reassure us that we have the victory! We will not be held captive by Satan! Its very important to read the bible. Its our sword to fight the devil with! When we are at war, Spiritual war that is, We have armor that we use to protect us.

Protective Armor 

1. Helmet of Salvation ( So the enemy don’t mess with my mind and lie to me, and put all types of evil thoughts or lustful thoughts in my head

2. Breastplate of righteousness (Protecting your heart)

3. Shield of Faith ( Line yourself up behind this shield and keep your faith charged up)

4. Sword of the spirit (The word of God, Know scripture and be able to Give satan scripture when he lies to you)

5. Belt of Truth ( Wear the truth and not only just know the truth)

6. Shoes for spread the good word of the gospel (Carrying the word to others, sharing the word to others)

Brothers and sisters, I would suggest that you wake up every morning asking God to protect you  by covering you with all the Protective Armor ! Because throughout the day you will be tested, tempted and tried! So you need to stay READY so you ain’t gotta get ready. Because best believe as soon as you walk into work, into school, into where ever– there is going to be something or somebody there with one of satan’s demons in them ready to attack you. So be ready! But love, you are in Control! Let that demon know that you are COVERED! You are Protected! You are one of God’s soldiers and can’t nobody mess with you! — And when Satan hear’s that, just like scripture says – Resist the devil and he will FLEE. Satan can’t stand a strong Christian, he fails every time! We know your tricks Devil. They are olddddd. We have our Armor! We ready!

Oh yea, when the devil tries to remind you of your past, Remind him of his future!

Praise God. I love you guys, sorry it’s been some days since I last posted, been working crazy long hours, But hey I got a Job and God is able-can’t even complain! I encourage you guys to don’t let the enemy defeat you, we have already won and got the victory! Don’t let him take control over your life ! We have the spirit of God living on the inside of us- We can do ALL things! [Phil. 4:13] And God will not give us anything that we can not bear! Trust him! Fight the fight! It’s preparing you for the next Season! I love you allllll!!!

Be the light loves,



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