Power in Prayer

First off, Merry Christmas to you all.

I woke up and started praying. How often do we wake up and check social media or text messages. I got up and started praying for people around the world and for people that don’t have food, clothing, shelter.

Prayer is necessary in this time. We are living in the last days and PRAYER is our weapon. Prayer really changes things.

I love to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley and he talks about how we are to get on our knees- often times on our face and pray. That shows God that we are surendering everything in prayer.

We have to shut all the distractions out, cut the noise out, turn off the tv, put down the phones and pray. Only YOU know what YOU are going through. We are approaching the end of the year and I don’t know about you but I’m expecting God to do some miracles in these last few days of the year. 6 days for God to do something miraculous and amazing in our lives if we believe and have FAITH.

God created the world in 6 days, we have 6 days left in this year and I’m expecting Him to answer just one of my prayers but He likes to do above and beyond so I’m already giving Him thanks for that answered prayer! Praise God!!!! I love you Lord!!! Thank you for JESUS!!!!! (when praises go up, blessings come down!)

Lord help us to put any expectations down that aren’t for us, and let us be content with where we are right now. Let us draw close to you in this time. You fill every void and give us JOY unspeakable.

I love and adore you Jesus.

Amen. God bless you all.



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