When God Says No

Thinking to myself today as I was on a walk this morning… God knows every hair on our heads. He knows our thoughts and most importantly; He knows our hearts. I asked myself, If God knows our hearts, then He knows our hearts desires.

Psalms 37:4-5 says “Delights yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; Trust also in him; And he shall bring it to pass.”

In this scripture, knowing that God will give us the desires of our hearts really put me at ease this morning as I thought about things arising that I’ve been in prayer about.

If we delight ourselves in the Lord, aka get happy, get joyful, seek him, study His word, we will begin to have the desires that He would have for us. We wouldn’t desire things of the flesh and the world. We wouldn’t desire things that unknowingly would put us in hurt, harm or danger.

As I continued my walk I said this to God “if you say NO, that’s because YOU KNOW.” It was so clear after that. If I’m asking God for something, and He denies it or tells me NO, that means He knows that what I’m asking for isn’t something that He would want to give me or let me have. God knows the depths of our hearts, emotions and desires.

Moving forward, I’m not going to trip when God says no, or when He shuts a door, or when there is rejection. Man’s rejection could very well be Gods protection.

I trust God, because God knows what’s best for ME.

Make this personal to yourself, God knows what He is doing. ❤

Have a blessed weekend, I love you all!



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