Back to the basics

Hey love bugs!

maxresdefaultI felt promoted to write a blog this morning. I think with all that has been going on, I feel many of us have had time to sit and think on some things.

As I woke up and did my morning walk, I kept hearing in my spirit, “back to the basics”. When I thought about this phrase, I thought about the word reset.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working from home (thank God I have a job) with all the layoffs and job loss over the last few months. I’ve been able to sit still and just listen to my own thoughts and just reconnect with self.

I’ve found myself in past times rippin’ and running and not making time to hear our own thoughts or even to hear what God could be trying to say to me. Knowing the will of God is extremely vital in ones life. In order to know His will, you need to know His word.

As I write this blog on “back to the basics”, what comes to mind is- starting fresh.

You may be saying, what are the basics that I’m referring to?- I’ve been reminded to focus on the simple things in life. We tend to make things so complex and we get all bent out of shape about things that we can’t control.

I want to suggest to you to simply focus on prayer and conversation with our heavenly Father. 

Man, with all that has been going on in the world people have been stressed out, blood pressure high, eating habits all messed up, gaining weight and complaining. I want to challenge you to just stop today, think about life and focus on what’s at hand right now. Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has it’s worries of its own. (Matthew 6:34)

Start with prayer to God, grab you a note pad and pencil or go get you one of those cute journals to write in and jus talk to God. Write out your thoughts and you feelings. How do you feel about all thats going on? What do you want to learn out of all this when it’s over? What have you learned since all of this has happened?

God is allowing us to be at home, being still and not having much to do for a divine purpose. Lets take advantage of this season. There are seasons to everything. Trust and believe that when this season is over you will look back and say wow, I didn’t think this would ever be up. Make sure you do what you need to do now so the next season will be set up for success.

I love you guys, this was on my heart this morning. I’m praying for you all. Keep your friends and families lifted in prayer- check on your friends.  Love on one another, see how you can SERVE someone. Serving is healing. 



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