It’s YOUR time.

its-your-timeGood afternoon! I woke up this morning and the Spirit of the Lord ministered to my heart saying “It’s YOUR time.” I’m receiving this mighty word! I’m also encouraging you to stand in faith and receive that word from the Lord. The bible tells us that God is not a respecter of persons, so If he said it to little ol me, He can say it to you! We are to always believe in the abundance of God!

2018 is not the year to settle, its not the year to keep God in a box. This year you will live in the overflow of what God has for you. Some of you are getting ready to start your own business, some of you are getting ready to have that child you’ve always wanted, some of you are about to receive your healing, some of you are getting ready to obtain that degree you’ve been working on for years. Some of you are getting ready to receive that promotion! If you believe it , He will achieve it!

2018 is the year of F A I T H. If you believe it, It’s Y O  U R S. ❤ J

Be Blessed!!!

You’re healed in the name of Jesus! You’re a winner in the name of Jesus! You’re RICH in the spirit and in the natural!!!!! Claim it!


❤ Jasmine

It’s your time.


4 thoughts on “It’s YOUR time.

    1. I pray for you too my brother in Christ. In Jesus Name, heal Alex B Lord, allow your Life to keep him strong through his treatment. Allow His endurance bring him a elevated position in You, promoting him to a new found position. Please also pray in faith for my nephews mother who has terminal cancer and needs a heart transplant to make it through the year. Remember God’s Love heals all wounds, I urge you to abide in Him!


  1. Hi Jasmine,

    Is what we go through, in our time for us? Jesus’s time was in his youth, works, preparation of ministry, teachings, travels, miricales, crucifixition, resurection, and lastly entering the kingdom of heaven giving us salvation. Now, in His time just think…What if Jesus took his moment and never shared the Holy Spirit?

    John 14:
    12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

    Yes, Its our time. Now how will we share the Holy Spirit? Let use it for God our Father!!! Let us be the light and believe that ChristWeathered!


    Lets set the example and Blow Up!!! In His Name….KABOOM!!! Its time to drop W booms for God (Worship) (Wisdom) (Word) (Wealth) (Wonder) (Worth) (Work) (Win) (Will) lets get W = Dubs 👐 #undefeated


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