Why wait…START NOW!

yesilışıkAs we approach the end of the year, many of us are making our vision boards and pulling out the new 2018 planners. This is all fine and good, but I want to tell you that I woke up the other morning and the Spirit of the Lord said “Why Wait…start Now!”

We tend to have these “New Year Resolutions” that typically motivate us to do better ONCE the new year comes. I’m here to encourage you this day to not wait until 2018 hits, we still have some days left in December to go ahead and implement those resolutions.

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start reading your bible more, WHY WAIT? …START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start spending more time with your children, WHY WAIT?..START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start that new business, WHY WAIT?…START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start having a better attitude, WHY WAIT?…START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start going to church and changing your life around, WHY WAIT?….START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start cutting off those bad relationships and habits, WHY WAIT?…START NOW!

If you’re waiting until January 1 to start taking care of your body/health, WHY WAIT?…START NOW!

Whatever it is, I encourage you to start now. The time is now! If God said it, then that SETTLES IT! RECEIVE IT!the-time-is-now


Prayer: Dear heavenly father, I pray right now that your children will be obedient and do all the things that you’ve called them to do this season. I speak boldness over their lives, I speak favor over their lives, I speak wisdom over their lives, I speak life over them! Keep them from depression and oppression! Keep them in your perfect will for their life! Release a mighty power of strength over their lives! Help us to be the light in these last days! Help us to spend time with you! Help us to draw close to you so that you can draw close to us!  WE ask all these things in the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN. 



One thought on “Why wait…START NOW!

  1. Why Wait..Start Now

    Jasmine I’ve asked the Lord Why Wait… Start Now? He answered Time is something that man has made. That He sits infinitely omnipresent in all dimensions having no limits to His power. We as humans look at moments as pleading and fleeing opportunities. In a blink of an eye God; has the authority to change our lives, and the entire world. What can we control Lord? Since its not Time but thoughts, words, actions. I know I am only one man, but a idea isn’t.

    Let me now Lord emulate what Gabriel did, by standing in your presence until you gave him, his next command. To build myself up in your awe inspiring, magnificent, transcendent grace. To become who I’m supposed to be, before I need to be. Too fill my heart with your love, so that I may fulfill your calling. Let my instincts be ultimately connected to Yours. Provide the spark of adrenaline to transpose every situation towards Your bidding. No matter what, through, fear, the unknown, surprises, stipulations, deficits, unfavorable circumstances; allow me to act extemporaneously, impromptu, instantaneously transmitting your will.

    Lord you are my, “One and Only,”and the first two letters in GOD, are GO and then theres D. So as I go and do I can Defend my faith, love, and trust in You Apologetically. To react, recover, with patience, energy, effort, uniquely to how you designed us to be. God I will take your spotlight and seize it, however you determine it. Like the Prophet Elijah to take all my talents, skills, abilities and zeal for ministry put it on hold for years. Not to say, I could raised a whole graduating class in the School of Prophets. However, to know that delayed gratification is a Matrix. As far as we know life is a paradox, and You hold Pandora Box at bay in the vortex of space. Here on earth we can feel the gravity of situations and with belief in You can fly freely and Start Now for You. To Start for Your Command, Your Will, Your Love, so that Your Gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread globally and placed in the hearts, and souls of men.

    “WE ARE LIVE!” and there is no shortcut, or retakes. We must pay our due diligence, we must perform favorably, based off your merit, and resolve of fruitfulness. As Dr. Miles Monroe says don’t confuse movement with progress. Let’s progress to find the appreciation of every instant, second, moment, minute, hour, day, week, year, decade, for what you have given us in this precious and miraculous LIFE. To seek reasons which to start, deriving inspiration from experiences from of our adolescence, upbringing, education, profession, projecting us to our peak and prime of adulthood to act and be the person you called us to be. Today, Now and Forever more ask Why Wait? Why Start Now? Hallelujah!!

    Luke 1:19
    Duteronomy 10:8
    Psalm 16:8
    1 Kings 17:1

    Meditate on scripture on Gods Timing


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