Here’s a word…

“You’re on your ship…on a journey to your destination for what God has in store for you . Stop letting little ships come by and continue to knock you off course and spin you around. Use the ballast (spiritual/moral) compass to guide you through safely. It won’t be easy, but trusting in the Lord won’t be, but it is the sure way, and through faith we can do the unimaginable. ”

Keep moving today! Don’t let anything keep you stagnant to your destination!

Love you guys.


One thought on “Here’s a word…

  1. As someone who seeks journeys, there has been no greater adventure then with God. Seeking our own championship can be parallel as a vessel in the sea. As the direction of the fleet is determined by the decision of the Captain, aka Christ. The lead navigator must have a unfathomable connection with the heavenly Father. Just as a ballast (spiritual/moral compass), through storms and tribulious waters that seem interminable; we must be guided in faith.

    I place my spiritual direction in Jesus hands. Boats don’t sink from the water on the outside, they sink from the water that gets in. We can not let nothing in that dosen’t direct us towards Gods guidance take precedence in our lives. Unlike our spiritual lives, physically we live by experience so our decisions are based on our Limbic brain, which concentrates on emotions, memories, and arousal we lived.

    To do the unimaginable we must allow the Holly spirit to immediate precipitated events to be demystified by Gods grace. Through any hurricane, storm, fog, and in lost turns God acts as our light house shining ever so brightly to signal us to safety ashore and onto sturdy dry land. I too believe, our ballast is quintessential for our God lead impetus. Lets never be stagnant while advancing to our destinations!


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