God loves the details …

“…O LORD, you have searched me and known me!” Psalms 139:1God’s love is in the details. When the ark was designed and built, great attention was given to the details. We find great detail in how God orchestrated the people of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, in how He provided for them supernaturally in the wilderness, and in the way He brought them forth into the promised land. When it comes to you, it is no different. God will demonstrate to you even more His attention to you and your spoken and unspoken needs and desires. You will see another degree of His omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent nature in your life.

He knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows when you rise and when you sit. You will never find anyone that knows you better. Because He knows you so well, He knows how to deliver at the root of the problem. He knows how to minister healing to the core of who you are. He knows how to take you from where you are today, to His great and spacious place He has waiting for you. He has ordered your steps with the greatest detail and care. Yes, you can go ahead and worship Him now, because He loves you with a love that never ends and He cares about every detail of your life.

Lord, my God. My King. I am in awe of you. To say thank you is not enough. To say I love you is not enough. I surrender to you. Help me to wrap my arms around you just as much as you’ve wrapped your arms around me. Help me seek you in the same way you’ve sought me. Help me desire you in the same way you desire me/. You are awesome to me….so beautiful. Have your way in me, you amazing God you!

(Read Psalms 139)



One thought on “God loves the details …

  1. Hi Jasmine,

    I agree its mind blowing how important details are. A person can miss the whole point of a message, based on one false misinterepration. The core perspective of life is about understanding purpose of the why behind it all intracies. We must seek everything objectively with a openmind to allow Gods will to be done, and for Jesus to give us revelation. Knowing that the little things matter, we can understand the difference between Who’s-Who vs the What’s-what.

    The issue
    Since the fall of man, we have seen Gods’ simplicty and order. Life is exactly what He’s made it to be, and as I call on his name. God shows me he is who he is, “I am that I am.” So when I hear someone giving me life advice I take it as a grain a salt vs the infinate amount guidance that comes from God and The Messiah, Jesus Christ, himself. Its eye opening to me just how currupted men minds are. They say, “The devils in the details.” Wait hold up! I ask How? Who told you that? Then whats your intent? Hmmm. My faith fundamentaly challenges the intergrity of unreliable sources. Satan I rebuke you, go! Be gone your falsities cant penitrate the Lords mighty and righteous defense.

    We must learn how deeper question all things, that dont point you to Gods words, and glorify His name. Say, NO No no no no, NO NOO NOOO, no no no no no. Block out all deceptive and corruptive stratagies that Lucifer conspires to send your way.

    As a tree sheds its leaves in the winter, this process is a beautiful immunity to death and key to survival. Our strength to over come is in meditaing on THE WORD, just as a plant sits in the presence of the sun for photocenthesis. Recognize the season your in, recognize the SPRING vs FALL. Pray to the all Mighty One, allow his perfect ways to impart in you, and trust as he builds you up one step at a time. In time he will reviel the BLUE PRINT of his plans. In the end your life will be built in the indestructable base of Gods Love.

    I warn you dont build your houses on sand, which is quick and surely to fall.

    Come! lets choose TODAY! the Hollest grade of soil to plant our seeds in and to save the faith. We can now connect our roots, in the same natural way in which an redwood tree flurished. Lets connect our growth to the foundations of eternity, lets be enrooted in Gods church family tree. Yes thats right!! Now and always, God is in the details.


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