“The wait is OVER”…

Good morning my blog family! 

I was driving to work this morning and praying with one of my sisters in Christ and I heard the Spirit of the Lord say in my heart “The wait is OVER..” 

whatever you’ve been WAITING for God to do, He’s already done it! Your FAITH is going to activate all the things you’ve been waiting on God to do! 

Have unmeasured FAITH on today!! 
Psalm 25:3 Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed; Those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed.


One thought on ““The wait is OVER”…

  1. I realize that today is all we have. Tomorrow is the most precious gift we can ever receive. Why wait right? Let’s start now. Somebody turn to your neighbors and The Wait is over…. That how this Sunday went for me. I joined my new Church family. Offering them all I had to commit myself too, and to put God first.

    In the understanding that if I put God first and God put you in my path. God knew I would do anything I need to get where he has me to be. I thought even if my desires to be with you never happened, just look at what the effort did to transform my life. Even if Jasmine you were a figment of my imagination I’m doing the will of God. When you will to do the will of God? There is no time to delay y’all!

    The wait is over. Give yourself fully to calling and destiny in Gods Grace. Accepting a relationship with him is worth, the promotion of coming soon. Hoping for the brighter day God has promised us tomorrow. Jesus sacrificed himself and rose to show us. We will wait, in life and death. If we choose him we will rise to heavens eternal gates. Don’t wait. Heaven is here. Heaven is now. We can share our time in Gods presence today. Give it up. Give him the glory! Give him your praise.


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