One thought on “Perfect Faith

  1. Prayer

    I don’t know it all. The details of life are in Your hands, and I can’t control them. You have given me perfect faith so that I can be ready to act favorably when You show me the way. God I know it’s done. You have already provided and made the way. Let me not ask when, where, how and why? Let my faith be Down for Your will to be done. Not just to be Down For Whatever. Give my faith a righteous anointment. To know your word and to become built up and prepared within it. To hear whats right, to see what’s right, to known when the right time, and to learn the right way to do it. Give my confidence a humble student mentality. Not confident in only myself arrogantly doing what I want and believe. However trusting in You our creator and the master of our fate. Thats because we are made in Your image and you have sent Your Son Jesus our messiah. His sacrifice is the way to Your perfect and faithfilled life. Allow the Holly Ghost to open the doors, provide opportunities to steer hearts minds and souls to your Truth. The truth in living perfectly in your love, mercy, grace, glory, encouragement to be Down For Whatever is Righteous. DFWR not DFW Amen 🙏🏽


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