With God…

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

Happy Labor Day weekend loves! I wanted to encourage someone that may be in a particular season that may seem uncomfortable. The season may seem scary, the season may seem lonely.. remember ALL IS WELL. 

Matthew 19:26 tells us that God can do all things. God can mend your broken heart, God can pay your rent when you don’t have money,  God can send favor your way. God can open up doors that you thought could never open.

Before we start the work week, new week– back to work from holiday; I want you all to have a perspective check. I want you to change the defeat attitude to a winners attitude and truly believe that God is in control of EVERYTHING. 

What you’re going through may not make sense at the moment, but if you hang in there – it will be worth it. 

God is opening up new doors for you all, new ideas, new relationships, new favor, new houses, new jobs, new friends, healing,   New love, new fire towards God ! Wait on it! It’s coming🙌✨

Trust God with your whole heart and let Him blow your mind.

– Jasmine ✨

Be the light loves. 

Gods creation. [Trust God during every season]


One thought on “With God…

  1. Now Thy lay me down to sleep I pray my Lord our Souls to keep. Grant us flight lord, let us fly in Your Glory towards tomorrow. Dreaming away all sorrows. Allow us to Passover the night guided by the moonlight, until I see the morning light! God bless my Mother, Father, Grammy, my Aunt and Uncle, brothers and sisters, niece and nephews, friends and church family and all your people….. And God please bless Jasmine she has been kin to my Spirit. In Jesus Name I pray Amen! Good night


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