Feeling like you’re on Empty?

emptyHi guys! This topic was placed in my spirit today while I was sitting in my car. Let’s think practically, whenever we need gas- don’t we go fill up at the gas station? Whenever we need food, don’t we go to the grocery store and get groceries to cook? Whenever we are thirsty- don’t we go get something to quench that thirst?

We tend to find a solution for our needs right?

What about when we feel like we’ve become spiritually empty? What do we do at that point? What do we do when we feel like we are drained and can’t find time to spend with the Lord? What do we do when we feel like God doesn’t hear our petitions and prayers? What do we do when we feel like throwing in the towel- because life just seems to not be going the way we’ve planned?

Beloved, we are to draw close to God, and his word says that he will draw close to us. [James 4:8]

God is a gentleman, He’s not going to force us to do ANYTHING. He’s not going to force us to spend time with him. He’s not going to force us to take out time before starting the day, or during the day or after the day to meditate in prayer and in his word. I’m learning that it’s simply a decision to say yes or no.

When I find myself drifting from spending time with God, I have to take a step back and evaluate my life. What’s causing me to not be able to spend time with the Father? What’s taking up my time? What am I doing that seems to be more important that God? Who am I spending time with? We must take all of this into consideration.

God doesn’t want us to make the blessings that he gives us, idols. We pray day and night for God to give us something- and when we get it, we forget about Him. We stop spending so much time with Him. God says, don’t forget about “your first LOVE”- Jesus. We must find a BALANCE in this life. God truly must be first in our lives.

If you have been feeling tired, drained or confused, weary, uneasy, stressed, and all the rest- I challenge you to be extremely adamant about CHOOSING to make time for God. We make time for everything else. Time to workout, time to eat, time to watch our favorite TV show, time to talk to our loved ones etc. – Let’s make some time to our First Love, the one who knows all.

I love you all very much. Stay focused.

Studying the word this week? I’ve listed below some scriptures I’ve found myself reading this week!

Luke 17

Galatians 3,4,5 

Colossians 3

Be the Light Loves,

Jasmine ❤



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