Newsletter article I was asked to write…

Being single and living for God

The struggle is real

Jasmine King

January 31, 2017

We live in a society that says, “Sin is in”. Whatever is righteous and pure is out the equation. The media promotes sin, TV shows are full of lust and fornication; how can one Single possibly live for God when everything around them is impure?

Every time you turn on the TV there’s something obscene being flashed across the screen. Should we be surprised? The bible tells us that this is how the “last days” would be. One can find it challenging to be a saved, Christian living in this dirty world.

For myself, I’m single and being apart of this disturbed world has been quite the challenge. I’ve come to learn that we can be in this world, but not of this world. I had to gain that perspective quickly. I found that many people that are living life carefree, doing whatever that pleases their flesh- but truly having no peace. These types of individuals will get their flesh satisfied temporarily, yet still coming up short.

I’ve also found by experience, when you are single- and not living for God; you are ultimately seeking for something. One can be on the search for relationships, status and all the rest, yet still coming up empty.

There was a point in my life were I was truly on the search for fulfillment. Not knowing that the very thing that would give me all of the fulfillment I would ever need- had been waiting for me all along.

I didn’t truly have a relationship with God. I was more about “religion than relation”. I went to church on Sunday, sat in the pews, clapped my hands and left out still feeling empty. I truly did not have a RELATIONSHIP with God.

It took me a while to stop doing some of the very thing that’s placed Jesus Christ back on the cross. Sin.

I want to tell you a few things that were necessary for me being single and living for God.


First and foremost, I had to surrender to God. I had to surrender everything that I knew. I had to allow him to fully come into my life and take anything I thought I needed etc.

In order to truly walk this walk, you must be surrendered to the Father. While being single, it’s been quite challenging itself but with the power of the Holy spirit- anything I possible. We are to guard our hearts daily from allowing anything to pollute our hearts and spirit. By protecting our hearts and spirit, we can’t listen to or watch anything on TV.

Secondly, you must resist your flesh. I’ve found myself fasting on a consistent basis.

I don’t think people truly fathom how important fasting is to the spirit. Fasting ultimately quiets the flesh. Fasting crucifies the flesh.

One thing you may not know about the flesh is that it’s never satisfied. The flesh will always want more.

It’s vital that we fast and pray because the struggle is real- but keep in mind, it’s only a struggle if you are putting up a fight. We are in a constant war. We must stay ready so we don’t have to get ready.

 Finally, for the singles; Wait on God. Being single isn’t always the most pleasurable time, especially when it seems like everyone around you is either courting someone, or engaged awaiting marriage.

I like to think that God has a specific person custom- made just for you. If we rush and get out of God’s perfect will for our lives, we could end up with a counterfeit copy when he had the authentic copy if you would have just waited on him. I challenge you all to take these essentials to heart and enjoy being single. The wait is for a purpose. God is constantly preparing you for your one day spouse. While you are waiting, serve others, be engaged with your church, and stay busy about your father’s business.


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