Affirmations and declarations

First off, what is an affirmation?

*the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

synonyms: declaration, statement, assertion, proclamation, pronouncement

To go on, a declaration is the same as an affirmation. The defined meaning of affirmation is the action or process of affirming something, declaring something, stating something, proclaiming something.

I had an old friend who carried around a sheet of paper with typed sentences on it. I asked him what it was one day and she shared it with me.

He stated every morning he would wake up and start reading these sentences aloud to himself about himself. I can’t quite remember all that was written but here are a few that comes to mind.

  1. I will be a sucsessful man
  2. I will make more than 600k a year
  3. I will not allow anyone or anything steal my peace or joy today
  4. I will always have resources to help my friends and family
  5. I will be an owner of a fortune 500 company

Of course a lot of his affirmations were natural/physical things, but to say the least he started speaking these things and eventually these very things started to come to full fruition. 

I woke up this week,  and I decided to do something different. In order to get new results, you may have to do something different. So I remembered my good ol’ friend and his list of sentences on that white sheet of paper.

affirmations-1024x787I began to start speaking aloud things that I wanted to see come to pass.

  1. I will have a great day today
  2. I will be filled with joy
  3. I will not allow anyone or anything take my peace or joy today
  4. I will find favor today with my colleagues
  5. I will get promoted
  6. I will be able to share God’s word with someone today
  7. I will be anointed and powerful
  8. I will be a sucsessful black woman
  9. I will be a great wife and mother one day
  10. I will make a million dollars (of course to bless somebody else with in return) LOL like seriously though

And the list would go on, as I would wake up and start packing my lunch, I’m stating my affirmations; as I’m driving to work I’m declaring how my day will be. As I’m getting off work i’m proclaiming how awesome the rest of the week will be.

This is all a move of faith. If you just believe what God says and what YOU say about YOU, you will be in good shape.

I challenge you all, for the rest of this week- start stating and proclaiming your own affirmations you would like to have for yourself.

Also, don’t forget to declare some life and positivity over your family and friends.

  1. My mother and father will be healthy and safe
  2. My brothers will be sucsessful black men
  3. My family will be millionaires (LOL)
  4. My colleagues will all work together today at work

You guys get my drift.

Stay focused and keep your zeal.

Be the light,

Love you so much! Please email me, let me know how life’s been, send prayer request etc. I’m looking forward to this new year. =)

God bless you!

Jesus loves you ❤


3 thoughts on “Affirmations and declarations

  1. Ill Will it if God Wills it, and If God Wills it….I affirm that I’ll Will it. Are you willing? Capability isn’t the question. Most people are Capable yes. But Willing, God Willing? Heck Naw! If you want to become who you ment to be step into your future defining yourself who God promises us we can be…Why not you, why not others, why not me, why not us?

    Affirmation: Personal Record Every day. I will be better today all-around then I was yesterday. I will gett better with time! I will help others. If not me then the ten people closet to me. If not them then my community. If not them then my city. If not them then the state. If not them then the nation. If not them then the world. Grade A World Class Elite.. WIN WorldwideInternationalNetwork God Willing #Grow


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