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Own Conscience 

They demonstrate God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right. (NLT) ( Romans 2:15)
Do you ever get a feeling inside convicting you to take an action?  Sometimes we fight and wrestle and don’t want to give money to the needy or raise our hand in worship or whatever you are feeling compelled to do.

  When we resist too long the moment will pass us by and we are left wondering, or worse, seeing the consequences.  But giving in to our conscience and taking action feels good when we know we are doing right.  Is there something you are feeling convicted about?  Take action now!

[from the Daily bible devotional app]
Remember, delayed disobedience is disobedience. If God is prompting you to do something and you know it’s from God- don’t waste anymore time. 

Leaving a state , leaving your job, ending a unequally yoked relationship , leaving a church, starting a business, opening up a cake shop- whatever it is. Take heed to his instructions. Don’t allow fear to keep you from flying. 

 Your obedience could save a nation like in the story of Jonah. Walk with the Lord and keep His name on your tongue. Spend time with him so you can hear from him. The enemy is speaking just as loud as God . So spending time with the Lord will help you distinguish the enemy’s voice and Gods voice.

Love you guys! 

Be the light loves,

Jasmine ❤️


One thought on “Word of the day

  1. In the mist of everything I’ve read Jonah. Delayed disobedience, is disobedience? What about delayed gratification for others satisfaction? Leaving a lasting impression? If you go too early without saying proper good byes it will show who you really are in the end. Everything I’ve done in the name of Christ could be judged on my last act. I’ve picked up and left over and over. Dropping everything and leaving is my MO, but finishing and timing up the perfect opportunity is we’re God has called me. I will go when it’s a Win-Win for all. My counseled, Family, Employers, and Managers, Supervisors, Friends, and I all need closure.

    So like Jonah when I get to Nineveh the land of not of my liking, I can be ready to deliver Gods message. I’m not running as he did procrastinating and avoiding. My focus is to be equally yoked, tying up all lose ends and strings, ensuring everyone is on good path and good hands. Yes I have let go of anything holding me here, I have dropped all the dead weight. Now I must finish and leave a lasting impression. I’ve written the resignation letter, I’ve informed my employer of two week notice..now I’m communicating my plans with all who are significant to me.

    It would be easy to obey my traditional way to which just pick up and go. However when in abiding in the Lords command and living by Christ we can learn to disobey ourselves. Thinking contrarily to our own past experience, slowing down to configure what’s urgent, verse what’s important and balancing my actions. How I follow the word of God is just important in Why I do, or What I do it for.

    I will not follow as Jonah did deliberately disobeying God, he failed the Lords test. His disobedience shows us a lesson, and allows me to look at the mirror and listen to Gods priorities while conducting myself to step away from my commitments and towards my new commitments. What’s first is God will, Gods Words, Christ’s way. This is how we’re ment to disobey, disobey our flawed experience. Do it right, at the right time, for the right reasons!



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