Words of encouragement – for the Critics 

Message from Bishop T D Jakes

“Don’t allow the criticism to deter you from the mission.”“Don’t say nothing back to your critics. Just give God the praise. “ For when praises go up, blessings come down.

 She didn’t acknowledge haters.

Don’t let them know they exist

When you acknowledge your critics, you give them your power.

They are not important until you respond.

Learn what you can from them,

Eat the meat, throw away the bones.

God didn’t send you here to argue with critics, He sent you to get something done with your life.

Let her have that problem by herself, pray for her or him.

God does not want you distracted by the voices around you, for you do have the power within yourself to maintain the focus and KEEP MOVING.

It is not the problems peripherally that will destroy you, you will never be destroyed by that which is around you, But; You are only contaminated by that is within you.

He that began a good work in your life shall perform it til the day of Jesus Christ.

  Go after what God promised you.

One of my pics from my photo shoot 🙂

Be the light loves,





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