Feelings over facts

Hey saints ! We are all in the body of Christ, I say that all the time because it’s the truth. 

Typically, we are all experiencing some type of opportunity. Notice how I say ‘opportunity ‘. I didn’t say issue , trial or hardship. I used opportunity. 

In defining the word opportunity, it’s defined as:

1. a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

2. a chance or promotion.

So I’m feeling both of those definitions. The thing is saints, we have to recognize that all that we face, and endure are all opportunities to do something , chances to be better and pass the tests! 

We must keep our emotions under control because ‘feelings ‘ change like the whether. One day you feel good, one day you feel down. 

Feelings have no intellect. 

Push past the emotions and  feelings and focus on the word that is FACTUAL. 

I love you guys! I’m praying you guys are all hanging in there !! 3 more months of 2016! 

Let’s be better! Let’s continue to past the tests so we can be promoted in Christ Jesus❤️ 

Be the light loves,



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