What are we putting our faith in?

“The rich think of their wealth as a strong defense; they imagine it to be a high wall of safety.” (NLT) ( Proverbs 18:11 ) 
Our God is someone who can be trusted in times of trouble.  Wealth will come and it will go.  It won’t always be there in our times of distress.  With wealth comes independence, but it’s easy to believe you don’t need God.  Yet God can provide much more than peace and happiness than wealth.  Are you looking towards God for security, protection, and provision, or are you looking towards money to provide those walls of safety?  


One thought on “What are we putting our faith in?

  1. Our father who is in Heaven. I’m placing my faith in Your health, purpose and peace over my spirit. My soul is Yours. God please allow me to let go of myself. Allow me not to focus on my needs and wants. Nurture me and grow my serving spirit. Complete my incubation process in Your green house, and plant me this spring in your Southern Hemisphere to bloom.

    Please set me towards the people who need me most. Give me chance to make a impact on minds, hearts, souls, redirecting what Your peoples desires and wants towards You our creator! Photosynthesis the discernment to know the difference from commodities that are luxury, rare, or items in high demand. Where is your eternal water? How will I process this worlds carbon dioxide? What is needed to gain Your eternal provision. As I put my plans, time lines, finances, and budget on paper I can actualize the infinit amount of possiblites in Your Power.

    Lord correct me if I’m wrong, revise my intentions, speed me up, or slow me down, stop me, and start me up again. Fertilize my acts, Cultivate my will! Most of all Lord forgive me for my sins. Let me sit still alive with in your Holy Spirit, content with the air I’m breathing and hoping for a brighter day!!! I will let your Seeds of Greatness bud this season. Give me Life Lord, This is all I need to be ok. When they ask me, Hey Chris You Good? I can tell them I’m not too good, just good enough!! Hey Chris Was up? I can Say, Hey Gods UP!!!! In Jesus Name I pray.

    Amen 🙏🏽


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