“What’s my purpose God”?

A sister in Christ had a question for me.. She said she was loosing faith and wasn’t sure what her Purpose was. 

🚩This was my response
I struggled with that same exact question for years my love. I’m telling you, I really got saved and started to change my life .. A whole 180 in 2012. I mean I struggled and sinned and all the rest and now I’m finally at a point where I’m really confident in my walk with him.. Even tho I know what my weakness are. 
Years I questioned God “WHAT IS MY CALLING?!” “What do you want me to do.. Be?!” So I’ve tried so many different things .. Schools… And people (men) and the answer is all in the text. 

God calls us all to spread the gospel. We are all disciples .. Often times we make it so deep like “I gotta have a specific thing that God is telling me because I see so and so doing this ..”
God gives each of us gifts .. He wants us to utilize our gifts in what we do on earth. 
I didn’t totally understand what God was calling me to do just up into these last few months. But like I said everyone is to be spreading Gods word and making sure we are living in the light . So people who aren’t saved will see us and want what we have (Christ)

I would say be in your word. Pray and Ask God to show you things you are good at. Don’t discredit yourself because of the Job you may have now.. God wants you to be serving others as you are at your job. Telling them “Jesus loves you, God bless you.. Do you know Jesus ?” I know it sounds so cliche but it’s true.

Really start getting involved in your church, and God will open up doors for you sis.

Don’t think your not valuable just becsdue you may not have a “natural ” title. God wants to use you right where you are! 
I will be praying for you that he shows you more of your purpose and calling.

The word tells you that we are here to serve others and to be the light and to work hard as unto the Lord. No matter what the job is. So look at it like that and follow those instructions first and God will really start to minister to your heart and let you know which area to go in.
Also think of things you are most passionate about. And think of ways it will glorify God 🙂
I love to write – so I started a blog and started writing a book.
I love to talk and spread Gods word so I started – YouTube channel and I’m on periscope having bible studies etc
I hope this helped sis! Be encouraged 🌸 love you!


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