God wants Intentional folk…

Intentional- done on purpose; deliberate 

God is intentional about us, so why can’t we be the same for him?

In this day and time, God is looking for people who really want the abundant life. He’s looking for people like Paul that will not faint and give up. He’s looking for mighty Men and Women who he can promote to the top.

But if we aren’t trying to get to that we may just stay on level 1 in our Christian walk.

God will allow certain things to happen to us in order to build our faith. When things don’t go smoothly for us, we often times say “This gotta be the enemy”. We gotta stop blaming the enemy for everything. Sometimes God will allow things to occur to get your attention. He will allow  you to become so vulnerable where you HAVE to be on your face before him constantly.

But thats his way of growing us and teaching us to depend on his love and mercy and power.

I’ve noticed through my walk with God, I can’t do this in my own strength. I can’t handle the crazy people at work that get on my nerves, I can’t handle not having enough money for this or that, I can’t handle the bad doctor report. But I know who CAN.

And in that Moment when we finally let go of our life.. and Loose it at scripture says. That’s when God says..”Okay, I can help you.” But when we try to fix all our problems on our own, we signal to him “GOD I DON’T NEED YOU. I can do this on my own.” So then God may sort of speak, pull back and let you try and handle that thing on your own. But as soon as you LET GO! AND TRUST HIM. When you’ve tried ever solution possible, every medication, every source– and you finally SURRENDER to HIM – thats when he can finally get back in the Driver seat and take the wheel.

We must stay in our lane and let God do what he SAYS he will do. And that direct our paths, For he made us! He knows what we are to do, where we are headed. He knows all THINGS. We just need to sit back, let him know “Okay God, I’m going to trust you. You have NEVER failed me before.. Your word tells me that you direct our steps, Your word tells me that You work all things together for the good for those who love you that are called according to your purpose. So Lord forgive me for trying to do this in my own strength. I let go today and forever to Trust you , Trusting that you know where I shall go. So Lord help me and lead me, In Jesus name- Amen. 

Sister or Brother, when you pray that prayer- I can almost guarantee that God will show up on your behalf like NEVER before.

I love you guys so much! Stay focused. WE are all in the body of Christ together. We are experiencing the same battles. Some tips:

  1. Stay in the Fight- This isn’t the time to give up, You are closer than you think
  2. Stay in the word– The word is your weapon, No word, No weapon. And you need this Sword of the spirit to fight and make it through the day.
  3. Stay Praying- Keep praying even when you feel like you don’t hear God or see him doing anything spectacular in your life. He wants you to be intentional – not only wanting something. He wants to build a relationship with you, so if that means to keep asking, Keep seeking and keep knocking (Matthew 7) You must keep on keeping on. In due season you will reap the harvest. Don’t give up.

Ways to connect with me! I want to hear from you guys! Let me know testimonies, if you have questions! Anything!

Email me @Jasmineking7@yahoo.com

IG with me @Jasmineking1

Check out my Youtube @ Jasmine King Network

Jasmine King Network

I love yal!

P.S- I will be attending Pinky Promise 2016 This year; Lord willing !!! Let me know who’s going!!

Be the Light loves,

Jasmine ❤


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