Approaching the big 2-5 like…..

Proverbs 9:11 For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.

AASpringtime2Hey Guys!!! I’m sitting here waiting for my class to start and I thought to write this blog. In two days I will be 25 =) I’m so excited to get old. LOL the Lord’s word says he will keep you young so I ain’t trippin… 

Some folk are terrified when their birthday’s come around. I’m just thankful to be having another one. I’m just thankful to have made it another year. Lord willing. I’m excited because i’m learning sooooo much about God and he’s teaching me and showing me things. I’m in awe of how much i’m learning. Another 25 years I should have so much more wisdom. (lol) God is good.

Man, God is so good. I’ve looked back over my life, from when I was 5 , to 15 to 20 to almost 25. And there as been some major events to to take place. There has been lots of pain, hurt, trials and of course tribulation. But GOD, has sustained me through it all.

birthday dresssI don’t regret anything. Do I wish that I would have found the Lord a lot earlier in my life.. yes. But even when I think like that- God quickens my spirt and lets me know that I’m right on time. I found him and changed right on time. It happened right when it was going to happen. One thing about God is that he’s never late, but ALWAYS on time.

I’ve lost friends over these years, I’ve gained friends over these years. Some people you just outgrow.  I’m not saying i’m better than anybody but – There’s a reason for everything. There’s an old saying “When you going up the mountain, you might gotta leave some folk in the valley.”  YES. There has been some folk that I loved but God had to strip me away from, there has been some old relationships that had to be shut down, They just weren’t going where I was going. They just weren’t who supposed to be in my life. I love them all, but its all from a distance now. I’ve met so many awesome people since i’ve moved to Texas. I have a great support system. My family supports me, my church family supports me and my awesome bestie out here Jenese (shout out!) Love that girl she has been a tremendous blessing to my life  moving here! Thank you girl for all you do!* You are truly jenese and I bestiea Wonderful Woman of God! 

God makes no mistakes.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadowEach year, I thank God for this grace. I thank God for all the spiritual knowledge that i’ve obtained just this past year. (James 1:17)

God has been so good man I just give him all the glory. I started this walk back in 2012. And we’ve been at it together – Ups and downs, rounds and rounds- He’s never left me!

spring timeI’m so excited about this new year. This will be a Prime year. Live at twenty-five if you will. lol.

I love you all, Keep being the Light. Happy Birthday to all the April babies! This is OUR month!

Jesus Loves You!

Be the Light Loves,



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