Let him use you

Utensil If you keep yourself pure, you will be a special utensil for honorable use. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work. (NLT) ( 2 Timothy 2:21 )

Are you keeping yourself polished for the Lord? Impurities exist in lying, lust, short-tempers, laziness, and so forth. These impurities could cause us to be overlooked by God. The special utensil Paul refers to is the silverware that is reserved for special guests and only comes out when company comes over. What an honor it is to be used by God for good work.


One thought on “Let him use you

  1. Lord I pray you keep me pure as a Puritan. You pulled me out the mud, Intacted! I have with stood the pressure of sin, temptation, and evil. Now as a Utensil of your will, allow me to continue to serve You righteously. Allow me not to covet valuable things, however fill my spirit with these qualities. If I can’t not obtain these items naturally, grow me organically to reflect a pure spiritual embodiment of these elements. Allow me to shine like a Pearl, Glitter like a Diamond, Glee as a beautiful as a precious jewels. Let me be used for all occasions and be cleansed for special one as well! Give me functional faith, but allow me to portray a rarity unseen before. Give my faith to others as provision. Give my faith as a gift. Give my faith to be a desired luxury to others, which comes free of charge. Give my faith as pure love. Allow all to see Jesus Values in my Honorble actions.

    Thank you Lord of Lords! For cleansing my soul, purify my spirit, and renewing my mind! In Jesus name I pray Amen


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