Month Of Healing… Pt 1

Dear Lord,

Help us to heal. Help us to stop suppressing incidents and accidents from the past. Help us to deal with the things that have scarred us. Help us to deal with the very things that have broken us.

Lord we realize that we can’t do this in our OWN strength but strengthen us. Your word says that We can do all things through Christ he who strengthens us.

For when I am weak, then I am strong. – Apostle Paul

At times we think that we are healed until we see something or hear something that brings us back to a painful memory. It could be a person’s name that makes our blood boil when we hear it, or a certain smell that takes us back -to a cologne that your ex used to wear. Or it could be a scene in a movie that takes you back to a time where you were once molested by your family member that supposed to love you and never put their hands on your like they did.

Lord we need you.

“Just because there is not physical pain, doesn’t mean you are healed.”

No more band-aid method healing. “Oh i’ll just put a band-aid over it and it will heal it’s self.” Sorry, I know thats sounds like the easy route, but it will never heal you. You must ..

  • acknowledge the hurt
  • confront the hurt
  • deal with the hurt
  • let it go 

Lord we live in a fallen world so none of these things should be considered strange to us. It’s my prayer that you help us to have enough courage and strength to heal from the very things that are keeping us from going to the next level. Help us to have True love this year of 2016. 16 Represents “LOVE”. True Love…

True love with you Jesus. Not a fake, sometimey kinda love. But a Genuine true love.

Be the light Loves,



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