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Hey guys! So most of you don’t know but I’m in college trying to finish up my degree in Physical therapy! So yal pray for me!

Anyways! I have an english class that I had to write paper on what we are most passionate about and I chose to write about our savior. It’s titled “Finding Christ”. Now it has some made up stuff just because I like to use my imagination. But I want to share with you guys! Hope yal enjoy

Excuse the layout..I had to copy and paste!

Finding Christ

  • Ever been lost and needed directions, but simply didn’t want to stop and ask for help or guidance? Well that was me for many years. I needed something that only one person
    could fix. My mother of my father couldn’t even help me, only Jesus Christ. Finding
    Jesus Christ has brought me Love, Faith and Peace. My life has been an interesting
    journey over the years and I don’t know where I would be today if I would not have
    found Jesus Christ.
    I have sought love in all the wrong places, until I found Jesus Christ I never knew
    what love really was. According to scripture, God is love. So when I found him, I found
    love. Now this isn’t a counterfeit type of love, this is a genuine love that couldn’t
    measure up to any other type of love. This is a type of love that someone literally dies for
    you and pays the price for your sins type of love. I found love on a Sunday morning
    sitting in one of the most unbearably hard wooden pews at my church. The temperature in
    the sanctuary had to be below freezing; I could see the ice cycles hanging from the
    window panes. As I sat in total discomfort trying to listen to the pastor preach over the
    chattering of my teeth clinching together from the cold. I found focus towards the end of
    the message where he said that there was a man named Jesus who died for us and shed
    his blood for our sins so that we could have eternity with him forever and that he loved
    us. Not to mention that we were forgive for all the wrong doings and all the rebellious
    days that we’ve had. I was in total awe. At the moment of all this and me trying to retain
  • it all, a feeling came over me that was extremely hard to explain. I felt a peace. A feeling
    I’ve never felt before; I knew it was spiritual. It was almost like a newborn baby being
    held by his mothers warm arms tucked away close to her heart. I knew that day I would
    never be the same. That day I found love.
    After finding love, there was faith that I obtained. Faith had to come with time.
    Faith is defined as complete trust in someone or something. Well I have to say with over
    the years after finding Christ; he has proven to me that I could have complete trust in him
    and only him. There was a time that I got really sick and I didn’t know if I would life or
    die. I began to call all my family members and let them know that I loved them. The
    doctor told me that I had a terminal illness that caused me to only have about three
    months to live. I was totally astonished. But I remembered that I had a savior that could
    make the impossible possible. I remembered that I had a savior that could make a way
    out of no way. So I began to pray and trust in Jesus to do all the work and I rested. I
    believed that if God could raise Jesus from the dead, that he could work on my behalf and
    heal my body. I was home one afternoon taking a nap and I received a phone called that
    almost gave me a heart attack with the ear-piercing ringtone that was loud enough to hear
    clearly at a live New York Jets football game. I picked up the phone and it was my doctor.
    My heart fell to my stomach because this was the day that I would get my test results
    back from my MRI. He told me calmly that my tests were back and asked was this a good
    time to go over my results. I immediately began to pray and I heard a quiet still voice say,
    “Have faith, trust me.” My heart came back up to my chest from my stomach and I
    quickly said, “yes sir, please proceed”. The doctor told me that the results came back
    negative and I ended up having no illness, no issues. I was completely A-OK. From that
  • day forth, I knew that no matter what was coming against me; having faith would be the
    ultimate option.
    Finally, I have found peace with Christ. When I say peace, it’s a peace that
    surpasses all understanding. There would be times all hell would break loose in my life,
    but in the midst of the storm I had peace. In the midst of World War 3 with my family, I
    had peace. The time I was told I only had three months to live, there was peace. The word
    peace is defined as having freedom from disturbance. In finding Christ, I have also found
    Peace and faith have been less challenging qualities to have throughout this
    journey. I’m a work in progress with mastering love. I still find it hard to love people who
    are evil to me. Finding Christ has been the most beneficial affair that I’ve encountered.
    I’ve learned so much in this walk, yet there is so much more to learn. I plan on staying
    the course with this amazing friend I have named Jesus. I don’t need anybody else.

3 thoughts on “Paper-HW Assignment

  1. Thank you for your writing! it is changing the fabric of my life, and stitching me day by day, post by post, step by step closer to understanding the Love and Peace of Christ. I would’ve never got through school with out my relationship with advisors, professors, tutors, students assistants, study specialists, and the dedicated A students in class who helped me along the way. By myself I even with the hours dedicated to studying I would’ve failed, I was failing every test, until I learned the way. I am a follower, I am a fan, I am a seeker to greater understanding and miracles of Christ to mold me into a better man.


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