“If i’m wrong, I don’t wanna be right…”

Quick blog post guys!

Good evening my lovely people… so last night I got off work, and after work I had class… after working all day you know I had to have worked up an appetite and then not to mention having to sit in class for a few hours.. by the time I got out of there – I was ready to eat!

So I was like, foooooooooood! As I was driving home, I passed all types of good fast food places, McDonalds, Wendy’s , Little Ceasars, Burger King, Chic fi La…. and i’m just like danggggg “So many options…where shall I stop.. ” (as my mouth waters)

So keep in mind, I’ve been trying to be on a diet.. smh. I haven’t been too successful in it I have to say. So anyways, I ended up thinking of this fast in and out BBQ, chicken and all the rest country food stop place that all my family and co-workers have been chatting and bragging about lately. It’s Called Bill Millers… so i’m like “okay – I’m going there.”

Got there… ordered some good ol Fried chicken tenders, that came with some potato wedges, and a big ol roll and not to mention some delicious hot and ready gravy on the side. Man I got that bag of food so quick out of the lady at the windows hand so quick she almost had an attitude with me lol…

Moving right along with the story- I tore open the bag, trying to drive and open up the gravy and dip the chicken tenders in the gravy while driving and trying to make sure I didn’t hit nobody or run into anything. Stuffing my mouth full like I’d hadn’t ate in ages.. It was terrible. I mean I was going in on them tenders and that gravy had me weak haha.

Quickly, I was convicted. I said to myself…”what about your diet?” “What about the healthy eating I said I was going to pursue….” All that went out the window when the lady put the bag of food in my hands.

Having said all that, In conclusion I want you guys to think about this…when I was eating all that fatty, greasy and non healthy food – I was quick to partake in it.. because It smelled good, It looked good and it sho-nuff tasted good. And it Felt good to my flesh. See I was so much in the flesh last night – you couldn’t tell me nothing. But thats how sin is… it looks good and it feels good but it ain’t good for you. It’s easy to get into ..but the consequences and the after math might not be so easy to get out of… in this case- eating all that crazy food will not only be bad for me now…( i had a pop belly after eating it), its going to give me health issues later if I continue to eat all that junk.

Psalm 34:8 says “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” How about we start killing our flesh and getting some discipline. I’m talking to myself yal..but I just had to share. I was so convicted last night I almost threw up- It’s how bad I felt in what I was doing. I thank God for the conviction. God Loves us when he chastens us…The Holy Spirit will be that quiet still voice telling you “no…thats not right..”

I just had to share with you guys! I hope you all are having a great start of this new week. Love you all!!! Remember we all all in this battle together. Lets stay focused and stay the course. 

Be the light loves,



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