Prayer changes things

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6

Hey guys! Today God has placed on my heart to share with you guys about praying. He says my brothers and sisters in Christ are struggling. We all are going through trials and tribulations of all kinds.

Prayer is our weapon.


Sometimes things get so bad, you forget to pray. Instead of praying about the situation, we find ourselves complaining and nagging about whats going on. We find ourselves going around telling our friends and loved ones all about the issues that we are facing. Before spreading the news and giving it a lot of energy- PRAY.  Pray about the lost family member that needs Christ, pray about the mean Boss that you have to see everyday you go to work, Pray about your Husband that doesn’t know how to money manage, Pray about the wife that doesn’t want to submit to the Husband. The list could go on and on but if we aren’t praying and believing God to fix things issues; Sadly they will continue to become so magnified in your life.

God tells us to Pray without ceasing. So basically – Don’t just pray one time and expect God to move right then. And never pray again about that situation or issue. We must be persistent in Prayer.  We must be consistent in prayer. I had to stop looking at God as a sugar Daddy. Yes I had the sugar daddy mentality with God. I would feel like well let me pray one good time and I know God will answer my prayer. I was wrong. God wants a relationship with you. He wants you to be consistent with him just as consistent you are with talking to your loved ones, and how consistent you are to waking up every morning to hit the gym and workout. So after I got the revelation about praying without ceasing down, I would pray consistently about the same thing daily. I wouldn’t only ask him or put up my request one time. I was repetitive  in asking the things I needed from God.

Something else that is key about God is that its in HIS timing. The things we pray for – he’s going to answer in His timing. When we humble ourselves and accept that just because we ask God for something today doesn’t mean he’s going to give it today or tomorrow. Some of the stuff we are asking for God to give us, we might not be ready for etc. Or God could be trying to teach us something , He could be disciplining us (Not in a bad way) – Letting us learn something by waiting patiently on him.

I’ve heard a lady talking about her husband and how he’s not doing this and not doing that and how he’s not making enough money and just nagging. I asked her “Well ma’am have you prayed for him?” She said “yes i’ve prayed but ain’t nothing happening!” And it goes back to God is trying to teach you something in the waiting, he’s trying to show you some things. Most of the time God is like “it ain’t the other person – it might just be you.” Instead of focusing on what the other person isn’t doing- Pray for yourself.  Ask God to help you be patient , Ask God to give you understanding and to help you love your spouse or family member or boss, whoever – Ask God to help you love them like He loves them. PRAYER changes things

When praying for yourself, It gets your mind off the other person and really just allow God to give you patience and understanding. I’ve noticed in my personal life, I would tell God to change so and so, Change this about my mom or dad or brothers etc. And God is like “How about I work on you.” Sometimes we think its everybody around us trippin and the real issue is within you. So after I got that revelation, I pray for others still, but More so on Praying for myself to be able to relate and understand the people around me and For God to help me to see them the way He see’s them and loves them. And I mean its amazing how God can give you a peace and you aren’t focusing on the other people your more focused on making sure you are changing for the better. Nothing-is-Impossible-For-The-Lord

“Ain’t Nothing to hard for God” I like to remind myself this many times.  Jeremiah 32:27 “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

God is in control of all things. Trust in his timing, Trust in his ways. Everything you are going through isn’t by chance, God is allowing some things to happen to teach you , to stretch you to grow you. Romans 8:28 tells you how all things work together for your good!

I encourage you all to be consistent in your prayers. Let God know the desires you want, Let God know the requests you have, Allow him to really come into your heart and speak to you. Spend time with him daily, Fast, Pray.

Prayer: Lord, Let YOUR perfect will be done in my life. Help me to be persistent in Prayer, Help me to Pray without ceasing. I recognize I can’t do any of this in my OWN strength, strengthen me. Continue to build our relationship and let it become more intimate each and every day Lord. I trust you with my WHOLE heart. In Jesus name, Amen.

I love you guys, Thanks for reading!

Be the light loves,



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