“She’s so Modest”

She’s so Modest is  My [New] Fashion page with beauty tips, secrets on hair and makeup – church outfit ideas, healthy living guides, workout plans and all the rest!

I chose this name because I just love the word Modest. It’s defined as unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements – REMAIN HUMBLE. Also defined as having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, or decent.- Represent yourself with Class. You are a queen!

The bible says Iron sharpens Iron and we are here to sharpen each other out – I don’t want to keep all these tips and ideas to myself! I want to spread the word 🙂

 “Leave something for the imagination” | I don’t know if yal ever heard this saying but my mama would tell me this back in my unsaved days lol. I would be wearing some inappropriate clothing that didn’t let anyone imagine what I was working with lol.. So she would say “dang you showing everything, ain’t nobody gotta wonder what you got under that dress because it’s all out on Broadway ” lol yes Mama King is tough — but that being said, I want this page to show that ladies can wear some nice beautiful clothes that present them as ladies and feel beautiful wearing them. Modesty is Class. Elegance. So I’m going to post some ideas , even some of my outfits that I wear out and about, to church , gym, etc wherever I go. Ladies we got to stay classy and never trashy 🙂 keeping it all the way R E A L. I been there .. So I can say it lol – I want that imagination to be strong! This all is out of love my sisters in Christ. We must hold each other accountable. Iron sharpening iron remember 🙂

I’m excited to start this new page, lots of Ladies ask me where did I get this , what do with my hair , how did I match this with that. So I’m finally going to put it all out 🙂
I hope this can be a blessing to you guys as well

Stay tuned 

Love you guys!

Jasmine King


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