Letting Go…

let_god_2_by_agentplay-d4raw85[2]Last night I was laying in bed and I kept tossing and turning, couldn’t sleep because I took a nap during the day and yal know how that messes you up when its time to go to sleep. As I tossed and turned the Lord put in my heart the topic to blog on “Letting go..”.

I told you guys time and time again that this Christian walk was going to cost you something. I wish it was just like a walk in the park. But more so a walk down a narrow path that has tests and trials and afflictions and all the rest that comes with the Cost of living for Jesus.

Exodus 34:14 -You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you

I know you all have had Jealous people in your life, Jealous people that didn’t want to share you with anyone. Jealous people that wanted ALL of your time and didn’t care if you had other plans with other friends, or other people. I remember back in middle school and high school I would always have a lot of friends, and I would always have ONE that wouldn’t like for me to hangout with my other friends, she would want me to only hang with her, spend all my going to mall, getting nails done, going to outings and whatever other things I would do to be with just her. And if another friend of mine would ask me to do something like go to the mall or whatever OHHH would she be upset. Jealous. Thats exactly how God is. He wants ALL of you. All the time.

Going deeper– In the text when it talks about God being a Jealous God, it doesn’t mean jealous in the way that us humans get jealous – which are feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages, feeling or showing suspicion of someone’s unfaithfulness in a relationship,fiercely protective or vigilant of one’s rights or possessions. [ This is not the jealous God that is talked about in the Bible] When God talks about being a Jealous God, he is expressing that he doesn’t want ANYONE or ANYTHING before him. He doesn’t want his children putting jobs before him, people before him, possessions before him etc.

A young lady came up to me the other day and shared with me a story about a situation that she just experienced. She said she met a young man, He approached her and they got to know each other. He was a man of God, had things to work on but his heart was pure. She stated how everything was going pretty good- she was learning new things about herself through his help, and he was learning new things about himself through her help. As time went on she actually grew closer to God during the process. She said she would always hear people say that “a Godly relationship will bring you closer to God and not away from him.” So she continued to move forward with the young man. After awhile her peace started to get disrupted. She wanted to know what was the next move of their relationship- She knew she had purpose and God didn’t want nothing but the best for her life. She knew that God had a perfect plan for the young man’s life as well but she questioned if she was even to be apart of the young man’s plan. She began to cry out to God and ask him what was his PERFECT will for her life and he said “Let Go and trust me, come to me, ask me whatever it is that you want to know, Seek me.” She explained how she called the young man up and told him that they should stop talking and seek God for direction and let HIS will be done for their lives. Trusting that God’s plan is the best plan.  She stated that the young man wasn’t as receiving in the beginning but after a day he let her know that he respects her decision and trusts that she was being Led by God. The young lady shared with me that she really felt different about this young man and that she knows that God is going to do great things in his life, he was a beautiful person and had a pure heart but God wanted her to leave him alone and give him to the Lord because God needed to work with him and her separately. [this is also a snippet of my book i’m working on <3]a_simple_path_to_letting_go

Sometimes we have to let go of folk to let God deal with them and make them WHOLE. We have to let God work on others- as much as we can try to “fix” folk, that’s not our job. We have to give folk to God because he is the ONLY one who can come in and transform folk from the inside out. I had to learn that quick, me trying to change my family, change the people I work with, change the folk I hang out with, etc. God said…” Pray for them and leave them to me.” I thought enough bringing them to church, telling them to stop doing this, start doing that would change them. And then it finally hit me, I asked myself “Who changed you? Who transformed you to who you are today?’ And I said GOD! God is the only one who could come in and transform me into who I am and who i’m becoming. We are growing and learning everyday in the Lord. He ain’t finished with us. But he’s the only person who could transform us. We got to let him do what he does best. My mama said “Jasmine I would be on my knee’s praying for you” Lol and I believe it. It takes prayer and leaving it to God.

What does “Making Whole” mean exactly? – Let’s go to Scripture — Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years. When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole (John 5:2–6)

When God makes you WHOLE, theres a few things that takes place, Healing, deliverance, power, mending of brokenness, strengthening, cleaning up of filth, identity is found, newness, restoration – and MORE. But the thing is – We MUST let God make us whole. Instead we look to other people, and things to try and do all these things for us that ONLY God can do. God is waiting outside of our hearts and souls to be INVITED in by you to allow him to bring you some healing, to bring you some power, strength and all the rest. But we must invite him and let HIM. June bug can’t fill you like God can , Creta and Sally can’t give you the peace that God can pour upon you, Your new Mercedes can’t give you peace because as soon as it get dirty you will be looking for something else to fill a void. That job can’t satisfy your needs of security. All these things of the WORLD is to try and satisfy your flesh. But i’m here to tell you that you CAN never SATISFY your flesh, your flesh is always going to be seeking something newer, something more shinier, something more handsome, something more beautiful, something more expensive, something more greater. —BUT GOD! is the only thing that can supply ALL YOUR NEEDS. BUT God can quench your thirst, BUT God can take the hunger out of your body! If you let him.  We gotta stop running from God and let him do what he does best! Let him make you Whole.

IN RELATIONSHIPS– God has to make us WHOLE individually first before trying to make you whole with somebody else (referring back to the example the young lady shared with me in the beginning of blog)
There are a lot of folk that just jump into relationships and marriages and they are tore to pieces and the relationship or marriage looks just like the person – tore up. This can all be avoided if we Let God make us whole FIRST
LET GOD heal brokenness .. Let God heal the wounds from the past .. Let God fill the voids from not having daddy around .. or Not having mommy around
Don’t get into another relationship trying to make the other person do ONLY what God can do and that’s come into your heart and heal and break down walls of insecurity ,walls of anger , walls of unforgiveness .. Walls of bitterness .. Hurt and all the rest from the past.
Scripture talks about nothing putting your faith in man, Man will fail you. But God is there to help you, God will NEVER fail you. So stop putting all this responsibility on MAN/HUMAN to fill voids that you need God to fill, to heal you from wounds from the past, that only God can heal.

Get rid of the Baggage
Yes it’s hard to have to let go of someone that you love, care for;  but it’s even harder and just harsh to hold on to them while they hurt and you end up making the situation worse by stringing them along with all your baggage. Let go and Let God

Give God all the hurt from the past, give God all the wounds that are on your hearts from failed relationships with people, family, friends, etc. Give God All your insecurities that were made from bad experiences with folk, give God all your trust issues that where made when Daddy said that he was going to come visit you but never showed up, Give all your pain from broken relationships that you were hurt emotionally and physically. God wants it all! Matthew 11:28 Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. He says he wants to GIVE US REST, let him give you rest. Stop running from the Lord. Let him do what ONLY he can do. Its not to let go of all the hurt and pain and bitterness and unforgiving spirit and just everything that has held you in bondage. REALLY RELEASE IT. Let it go. God is ready to lighten up the load that you’ve been carrying for YEARS.

In the natural is seems hard or “well Jasmine – it’s easier said that done.” Trust me, I know. But God says in Jeremiah 32:27 THERE isn’t anything TO HARD FOR ME. – 

Love-Is-Letting-GoPersonal Experience-  I’ve had to let go of some family members, Some friends, Some co workers.. and just give them to God. Yes I still LOVE them, but I’ve had to stop trying to change them and transform them and literally give them to God and let him do all the work. You gotta learn to LOVE from a distance

I’ve learned to pray for my people. When I wanna call and talk to them and tell them how I FEEL.. Knowing good and well I need to let them be- I pray for them and that’s more meaningful that a phone call that was just only based on feelings and emotions at that moment.
Learn to love and pray for people from a distance- and allow God to work on them, allow God to do things for them that ONLY he can do.
Don’t try to fix the situation in your own strength – leave it to God. Add God in the Equation and see if he don’t work that thang on out. ❤

There’s a saying “Hurt people , hurt people.” Man so many people are hurting and need God to love on them and show them affection and comfort them, but they are steady going around hurting other people because they are hurt. I challenge you today, not tomorrow, not next week or next year; but TODAY, to invite God into your heart and tell him to clean me up Lord. Sometimes we think that praying is hard and complicated, Man God is like a friend, homie, bro , sis- all you got to do is talk to him. Tell him how you feel! Stop running from Jackie to Sam to Otis and Leroy and them looking for advice and looking for healing. They can’t do what God can do for you. I’m a living witness. He healed me! Made me NEW! RESTORED Me of everything that was taken away and STILL doing wonders on me. ❤ Thank you Jesus.
Don’t go another day hurting people around you because of the stuff that God only can heal you from. Invite God into your life , into your heart to heal and fill those voids. 💕 He’s waiting for the green light , watch him do what NO OTHER can do

Lord Jesus, Thank you for speaking directly to our hearts, WE NEED YOU, we need you right now at this moment to help us. Lord we INVITE you to come into our hearts and clean up every dirty area, clean up the pain, heal the wounds from my past and present, help me to FORGIVE those who have hurt me, give me strength to FORGIVE LORD, help me to understand that you are LOVE and that I can’t look to other people to give me the JOY and the PEACE and the COMFORT that ONLY YOU CAN GIVE ME, I pray that you strengthen me because I can’t do ANY of this in MY OWN strength. Lord I invite you right now to come into my heart, restore me and clean me up. Make me brand new! I’m trusting and believing you for a new beginning, I will no longer run away from you, Lord help me to be content with who I am and be content with just having You to love on me and comfort me. In Jesus Name, Amen ❤

Be the Light loves,



P.S I appreciate all the comments and likes, You guys are amazing. God has placed every word of this blog in my spirit to type to you- This is ALL of Him and none of me. Stay encouraged. You guys are just right around the corner from a miracle! Stay the course!


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