You are too close

1 Corinthians 2:9 “No eye has seen, No ear has Heard, and no mind has imagined the wonderful things that God has PREPARED for those who love him.”
[ I had to share this scripture to you guys, i’ve seen it in my dreams and Bishop preached on it today at service] I’m ready Lord! I ain’t seen nothing yet! Brothers and sisters in Christ this goes for you as well! Get ready, you are too close!

This topic has been placed on my heart due to my OWN personal experiences this past week. I don’t know about you all but i’ve been tested in just about everything i’ve been praying about. Lord have mercy! I’m sayyyyinnnnng. I told you guys in a few blogs back how the Enemy hears our prayers, he is the Prince of air. So when you pray he knows exactly where to test you at. He knows exactly how to test you as well. And God will allow a test. We must pray in the spirit as much as we can because the enemy can not understand our heavenly language.

So i’ve been praying that God will help me with giving me more Fruit of the Spirit. So first off let me break down all of the fruit. Over in Galatians 5:22-23 says that the fruit of the spirit consists of 1.Love, 2.Joy, 3. Peace, 4.Patience 5. Kindness 6. Goodness, 7. Faithfulness, 8. Gentleness 9. Self- Control. 

So in praying for God to give me all these qualities/fruit, I have been really getting tested in each one. I’ve been getting tested with showing Love to my family and people around me, I’ve been getting tested with the enemy trying to steal my Joy,  I’ve been getting tested with worrying about this or that and that’s been robbing me of my Peace, I’ve been trying to rush things to hurry up and happen and i’ve been needing Patience. People been trying me in traffic, being ugly to me in church or even stores etc. and thats been testing my Kindness. And just showing goodness to folk who I think might not deserve it. Being tried when you don’t see the end of the tunnel and God has specifically told you to do something and you like…”Ughhhhh God this doesn’t make sense.” that has tried me with my faithfulness, Lord knows i’ve been tried with having to show some Gentleness to people in my life, people that God lets me cross paths in the streets etc. and the bible saves the best for last SELF-CONTROL, this has been the most challenging. I’ve been tried with having to hold my tongue and not go off on that rude Lady in church that told you that you couldn’t sit in her seat but there aren’t assigned seats in church, Having self control when you want to eat that whole dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, having Self Control when June Bug or Creta calls you and wants you to come over and spend the night. Having self control when You are being tempted to call that ex boyfriend or Girlfriend that God told you to stop dealing with way back when. Self control when all your friends are going to the club Saturday night and you know you have church in the AM and they really want you to go but you say NO because your walk with God is more important. Self control when the Enemy tells you to make a big decision real quick before waiting on God’s approval.

So as you can see all those scenarios are what some of us could be facing. And Self control is a big one to master. Its going to take a lot of prayer and CONSISTENT prayer. You can’t just ask God one time “Lord give me self control to stop eating all these Pillsbury Biscuits” You gotta stay before God in that particular area.

8_satan-discourages-boyOkay back on topic —> “You are too close”- This is really ringing in my ears! The enemy see’s what God has for a lot of us, so he wants to throw distractions, trials, afflictions and basically do all that he can do to throw us off our game and make us throw our hands up in the air and say “FORGET IT, I GIVE UP, I CAN’T DO THIS”. God is so great to offer us GRACE to be able to do ALL THINGS that may seem impossible. But God is a God of supernatural occurrences and he can make the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE! He can make a way out of NO WAY! But WE MUST KEEP FIGHTING! I was standing in church last Sunday worshiping and I heard the Lord clearly say to me “If you only could see what I have for you right around the corner, you would be running, shouting and praising me like crazy.” I wanted to run a lap around that church AT THAT MOMENT! Satan see’s all that God has for us, He sees the blessings, the better job, the Husband, the Wife, the next level where God is trying to ELEVATE you, he see’s our Purpose and he wants us to stay as far away from jumping into what God has called us to do! So Satan wants to keep you right where you are, he wants to send people your way to distract you and get you out of position, he wants to send thoughts to your head to make you feel like you need to apply for this job that God never intended for you to apply or interview for, he wants to just keep you as far away from God’s will and God’s best for our lives!

So i’ve been getting tried hard these last few weeks, but I’ve noticed right before a breakthrough or a blessing thats when the Enemy is fighting harder, throwing more distractions my way. I’m being tested in more and more areas of my life. But hey, this is NOT the time to throw in the towel, matter of fact, this is the time to hold on to the towel and WIPE your forehead off and get back in the race and KEEP RUNNING! God told me to tell you guys that we are TOOOO CLOSE to stop and quit! Thats what Satan wants us to do. But we have the victory! We have already won! We just have to stick this fight through!

I’ve noticed with myself that I will go through things and just pray about it, but don’t ask God to give me the “strength to fight through the situation, give me the strength to keep going” We have to become so DEPENDENT on God because we can not do ANY of these things in our own flesh. God equips us! But we must stay faithful and pray for HELP! Because if you try to do these things on your own, you will never win, and Sadly God will back up a little because that’s showing him that You don’t need his help. I told yal about getting in the front seat driver seat. (LOL) Let him take the wheel. Let God give you the strength to produce all the Fruit of the Spirit. And say if you fail a few times when tested, its OKAY. Pray and ask God for forgiveness and help to give you grace to be able to pass the test next time- and He will.

Lord Jesus, Thank you for your love and grace. Thank you for always showing up right on time, Thank you for giving us your Holy Spirit to be our Helper. Lord I pray that you will give us more Fruit of the Spirit, let us stop operating in the Flesh, it is written that we do not operate in the Flesh but of the Spirit. Lord help us when we need you the most, Help us to not let the Enemy get in our minds and make us feel defeated, Lord Let us Keep on your Full Amor! Lord We are Too close to stop fighting! Lord Jesus thank you In advance for the blessings that you have in store! We are expecting a harvest from you! In Jesus name, Amen!”

Be the light loves,



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