Anything you Pray for you need to Prepare for.

The Holy Spirit put this particular topic in my heart this morning to talk on so i’m going to be obedient. I pray that it will do you all some good. Keep in mind i’m learning as well as he speaks through me. =)

Matthew 7:7 states “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  In woman-praying-clipart-RcG66jXcLdissecting this verse, basically God is saying that whatever you ASK for I will give it to you, Whatever you seek, I will help you FIND it, and whatever you long to have God will make sure to open some doors of opportunity for you. How great is our God? God is so good to give us ANYTHING that we ask for. But wait, there’s a catch, If it’s from him… it has to be lined up with his will. So if we ask God to give us a million dollars, and God CAN do just exactly that. But God see’s what you do with $50 and is like “Man I can’t even trust you with a little, I sure can’t entrust you with a million dollars.” Yeah so thats not going to happen. But there is a time where God can ALLOW things to happen to possibly teach you a lesson. So say you do hit the lottery, and you mess your whole life up and become broke within 6 months because you didn’t even know how to handle a little bit. So God is good to give us exactly what we need at times, and Not give us what we want to PROTECT us from ourselves. A lot of folk think that God is a God of just answering every single prayer that they ask, and then they pray and pray and fast and pray. You can starve yourself of fasting for days, if its not God’s will and he’s not ready for you to have it for you will just be fasting for a long time. You can’t force God to do something by prayer and fasting if he doesn’t intend to do something.

God answers prayer is 3 different ways: 1. Yes 2. No 3. Wait. When God says Yes, he blesses you with what you’ve been persistent in praying about. When God says NO, he is simply saying “No my child, I have something better.” When God says Wait, He means what he says, Wait because I’m preparing something amazing for you – Be patient.

So what I want to talk about today is that we must realize that Anything we Pray for, we must Prepare for. That being said, think of one thing that you have been praying for CONSISTENTLY for God to bless you with. It could be a New job, a promotion on the job your at, a big financial blessing, Husband, Wife, new car, Good friends etc. It could be anything. So you’ve been persistent and praying to God daily about this thing. Some of you haven’t heard anything back from God, haven’t seen any results from praying so much. So I need you to ask yourself first, is this thing i’m praying for something that I Need or is it something that I want? Because that could be a determining factor itself. If you don’t NEED this particular thing, then it makes it a want. And i’m not sure if God is going to be in a hurry to give it to you because he is more concerned about what you NEED at this moment of your life. Scripture tells us in Matthew 6:8 “For your father knows your needs even before you could ask.” So that being said that could be a factor why you haven’t received what you’ve been praying for.

So lets get to where I really want to get to. So you’ve been praying and praying consistently. Your walk with God has been strong, you’ve been spending time with him, you’ve been reading the bible, you’ve been obedient to his word. You’ve really been in position and lined yourself up for a blessing/reward from the Lord. So you’ve finally got that blessing! The Lord did exactly what he said he would do to his children who obey him and seek him. Scripture tells us in Matthew 6:33 To Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. So back to finally getting the blessing that you’ve been praying for. God did it! Your excited, your jumping up and down telling everybody, doing your holy dance, thanking and praising God! ——

Now what?   So i’m going to give you a few different scenarios with different situations that came to my heart that some folk could possibly encountering.

So you’ve been praying for a New Job, “God bless me with a new job, I hate where i’m at, I’m tired of Creta and Lucy and them always talking about how I do this and how I do that, and i’m tired of my boss giving me strife about not meeting the sales quote every week etc.” So you’ve been persistent in prayer, you’ve been holding your tongue and showing love to your enemies and genuinely pursuing God and striving to be like Christ even in the midst of ALL that calamity at work. So God says “Okay Son/Daughter i’m going to open this door for you and bless you with a new job, bless you with a better situation or work”. So you start the job, everyone there is nice, your boss is laid back and cool. You are meeting new co-workers who are pretty down to earth and seem fair. So everything is going pretty good. So as time goes by, YOU start slacking. You start showing up to work late, (because my boss is chill and laid back, i’m sure He won’t mind me coming in 30 mins late today). You start complaining about what you have to do at work now. Saying this is too much work, or “This ain’t in my job description”. You see Sara and Lindsey talking about another co-worker about what SHE doing and what she ain’t doing and you bring your tail over there and start criticizing the girl that Sara and Sally Mae are criticizing. Not remembering that, That girl they are talking harshly and giving a hard time to WAS YOU at your old job. But now since you are in a new position and new job you feel that its okay to gossip with the crew. So then you begin to fall off, and you begin to get upset with yourself and get mad at your boss because He is telling you to do more work that others, You are constantly complaining about how its annoying to wake up early for work and you are tired of having to dress up for this particular job. HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE! LET ME PUT SOME CHECKING IN IT..Youuuuuu are the one who prayed for this new job. You are the one who told God to bless you with a better situation and if he did you would be a good steward and really appreciate it. You asked for this and God blessed you with it, but you was not PREPARED for what you prayed for. 

Next scenario: A young woman has been praying that God blesses her with a husband. Someone who she could be his “help-weddingringsbible_smallermeet” because scripture states in Genesis 2:18 That God did not create man to be alone, and that it is NOT GOOD for man to be alone, therefore he will make him help-meet. So she has been asking God, staying on her face every night for God to just bless her with her Boaz. She has been dissing all the Bo-zo’s that have been trying to distract her and talk to her. She has been faithful, saying “God if you send me a husband thats from you, i will make sure that I’m the Proverbs 31 woman to him.” Telling God how you will be submissive and how you will show good conduct to him as Ephesians 5 talks about. So you are lined up, you are seeking God first like Matthew 6:33 talks about. So God says “Okay Daughter, I’m going to send you your husband.” You guys meet, you are so thrilled, so excited, jumping up and down, screaming and shouting and praising and hooping and hollering and doing a lot of praise and worshiping and speaking in all kinds of tongues because you have also been saving yourself for marriage and now you can finally get your swerve on with your new Husband. So time goes on, the honeymoon phase is over, real life marriage has hit. You guys start arguing, fussing and fighting about bills, about food about why didn’t he take out the trash, why didn’t she cook me dinner, why is the toilet seat always up, why you got my toothbrush on your side of the sink!. Just all types of craziness has been happening. Then all of a sudden the wife is like “i’ve had it! I’m out of here!” I’m tired of YOU and i’m tired of having to listen to you and do what you say and you get on my nerves … I WANT A DIVORCE!” HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE!! LET ME PUT SOME CHECKING IN IT!–  Now i know good and well this ain’t the same woman who was on her face hours, day and night praying that God would send her a husband. And now when calamity hits she wants to just throw her hands up in the air and give up on her Boaz?! Ohhhhh no. YOUUUUUUU was the one who prayed for this! God blessed you with it and You did not Prepare for what you have been praying for.

Somebody said “Jasmine I want God to bless me with a new car, I’m tired of the one I Got.” So one day I took a ride with the person and immediately God says “Look at how she’s treating the car that i’ve already blessed her with”. The car was filthy on the inside and out, trash all on the floors, windshields look like they had been through a snow storm in the summer time, got old McDonald’s bags in the backseat. I said “Sis, take care of the car that you have right now, God is seeing what you do with this so he knows what you will do with that new BMW that he blesses you with later. He’s preparing you for what you are praying for- which is greater. Be content with what you have NOW and clean this vehicle up like it is  a BMW so when you get the real thing you will appreciate the new one because you’ve been appreciating the old one.”

I have many other scenarios that I could go into but this blog is getting rather lengthy and I want you guys to keep reading lol so I pray that you get my drift with the ones that I have shared. God knows exactly what you can handle, he will not send you something that you are not ready and willing to work for to keep. God does ALL the pruning and PREPARING. God will place us in seasons of hurt and pain and where we feel like he is NO WHERE in sight, but those are the times he is working on us, stripping away things that will hinder us for what he has for us!

So keep in mind that everything you are Praying for, you must be asking God to PREPARE you for it! And he is the master of preparation! He will not give you anything he doesn’t think you are ready for. You can’t quit and throw your hands up in the air, because remember YOUUUUUU asked for this. Seek God to give you wisdom and knowledge on how to keep the blessing, tell him to show you ways to help you, show you ways to prosper where he plants you. Most importantly, TRUST in the promises of what he gives and tells you. Stay focused on him, even when he blesses you with something, constantly ask him to help you to be all that you can be on that new job, in that new position, that new relationship that is ordained by God, that new car that you want, the new friends that you need etc. God will show up and help you keep these things that he blesses you with. We are undefeated and we are NOT QUITTERS. We will not allow satan to let us loose focus and quit on God. Anything worth having AIN’T gone be easy. I like a challenge, I don’t know about you but if it’s not challenging and its just easy and anybody can have it…I don’t want it. =)

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for directing my steps, thank you for speaking in me and through me, I pray that this message has touched hearts and my brothers and sisters have learned and gathered something from this blog. Lord you are so good that you will grant us the desires of our hearts when we seek you first. I pray that you will help each and every person reading this blog to be able to prepare for whatever it is that they are praying for. I pray that when difficulty comes that we do not give up and that we seek you even more at those times. You are so wonderful and we thank you for all that you have done and all that you are getting ready to do. In Jesus name, AMEN.

I love you all, thanks for being so wonderful and actually checking out my blog, I’m a writer and I love giving back in any way that I can, God is teaching me as I write these blogs – he is telling me to not only write them but apply what i’m telling you to my OWN life as well. So this isn’t just for you all, its for myself too because LORD KNOWS Im a work in progress.

Be the light loves,



P.S Happy Birthday to my Granddaddy. I miss and love him. You know folk say that people forget the dead, the devil is a liar! I think of my granddaddy often. People forget who they want to forget! July 1, 1924 ❤ Rest in Peace. I will always be your “Sweety”


3 thoughts on “Anything you Pray for you need to Prepare for.

  1. thank you for sharing this, I have been thinking about his the whole week and I just cam across your blog and I have my answers in a major and profound way. My heart is blessed


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