Living with Purpose

c35bf80de74ad14083f5f4a3eb6a7615Everyday we should wake up and ask God to use us COMPLETELY . We are here with purpose and God has given each and everyone of us a purpose and plan to pursue that purpose. I have made up my mind that I don’t want to waste time anymore. I only want to purse things WITH PURPOSE. If It ain’t got no purpose to please God, then I ain’t messing with it.

If your not sure what God is calling you to do, spend more time with him. Pray to him earnestly. Ask him to reveal what it is that he wants you to do. He will tell you!

There are many of us wandering like “what in the world am I here to do in this world?” And don’t have a clue. So that being said, we do all types of things that are out of line with God’s will for our life. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars in Student loans, be move all over the place trying to find peace and direction, spending months/years at jobs that we do that God never intended for us to get into- and the only thing you find is yourself wasting time and energy. We must be God Led. Let God order your steps like he says in Psalm 37:23.

We must also be in position. Now when I say that, I mean as be in the position for God to speak to you,–For God to use you like he wants you to. We pray and pray and ask God for direction but we over here living any ol’ type of way thinking God is going to bless us with direction. God is far from the sinners. He moves further and further away from us when we are living in sin. So when we are asking God to do this and do that for us we may not hear him, we may not feel him. We may not have any response. And we find ourselves saying “God ain’t listening to me”.  You no longer feel Gods presence. Scripture says We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will. John 9:31 — God ain’t gone bless no mess. So when you out there living any ol’ type of way, be ready to not feel God– God ain’t listening to your prayers unless they are asking for forgiveness and repenting out of the things we are doing. Soon as we get into position, and Repent(feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin) God is ready to answer our prayers.

God is so good that he will forgive us and then carry us to where he wants us! Doors will start opening, divine interventions will start occuring, you will start meeting so many people that God placed in your path to help you get to where he wants you to be! Once you start praying and asking God what he wants you to do, you will literally get confirmation on what he wants. He will either speak to you directly (Like he does with me) or he will send people in your path and he will speak through them giving you suggestions that line up to his(God) will. But the most important thing is to hear from God. By hearing from God and knowing that its his voice is spending time with God. Ways to spend time with God are Praying, speaking to him, acting like he is standing right in front of you. Reading the bible daily.  The more you spend time with him, the more you get to know him. Its truly amazing to know that HE IS REAL. I literally hear God’s voice. I can ask him a questions and he will either tell me straight out and I hear his voice audibly or Someone usually at church will randomly come up to me with the answer from God. Its just amazing how Our God works!

So get in position Saints and let God use you! Let him show you what you are here to do. And if you already know what you are here to do, keep that relationship TIGHT with God so he can open MORE doors for you. So he can bless you ABUNDANTLY! God isn’t a god of Mediocrity, he wants us to get out the box! He doesn’t want us to be average. The beautiful thing about God is that he wants to give us all the desires of our hearts and MORE! You will find peace in your purposeStay in position.

Be the light loves,



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